How To Wear Engineer Boots

Yep, another internet search directed someone from Texas to my website who entered the question, “how to wear engineer boots men.”

First, I will refrain from the usual tart comeback — on your feet. (So much more useful than on your hands or head.)

Reading between the lines, this person could be wondering whether to wear engineer boots with jeans tucked into them, so the boot shafts show, or with jeans over them.

The answer to that query is, “it depends.” Do you give a darn about what other people think and therefore you allow them to dictate what you want to do? Well, if you answered yes, then put your boots on eBay and return to wearing crocs or other unsightly, silly footwear. Real men wear boots and don’t give a darn about what other people say (or not say, which is really the case.)

If you have tall engineer boots and you want to wear them with jeans tucked into them, then by all means, do so!

If you have short engineer boots, to be honest, they are usually worn with jeans over them. They look “tough enough” with the engineer strap and boot showing, but (in my opinion), would look rather dorky with a short shaft showing, too.

Another way to read the question is something that I hear fairly often — can a guy wear engineer boots even if he does not ride a motorcycle? Answer: of course. Many guys do. They like the rugged, vintage appearance of the boots. Many guys choose to wear engineer boots as regular every-day boots and as an alternative to cowboy boots.

Summary: if you like engineer boots, wear them on your feet. Wear them often. Enjoy. Stand tall, confidently, and smile. Don’t let fear of what you think other people may say dictate your choices in what boots to wear or how to wear them.

Life is short: Be a man, be independent, and wear your boots proudly.

3 thoughts on “How To Wear Engineer Boots

  1. My first thought is you ‘hit the nail on the head’ where you wrote about someone wanting an alternative to cowboy boots as being a prime reason for the question and inquiry. The writer wrote from Houston, TEXAS, and every Texan I’ve met told me wearing cowboy boots is a birthright of and proof of being a ‘true’ Texan. So maybe this writer is a bit of a rebel and wanted help in flouting Texan stereotype rules and flaunting his rebellion against them.

    Also, I have increasingly seen around metro New York City guys and gals wearing boots of all types tucked into jeans rather than having the jeans or pants come down over the boot shaft. There is even a nice photo of Adam Levine of Maroon 5 fame being on a welcome/red carpet somewhere and he had his pants tucked into a pair of expensive looking boots…I suppose to show off the boots. I guess that’s the new ‘chic’. Some hardcore bikers as well as guys into leather I’ve known throughout the years never wore their engineer boots any way except over the shaft and I suspect they’d be rolling on the floor laughing out loud at the ‘new chic’ way of wearing boots and pants. Oh well, to each his/her own way of life.

    Your blog and the queries you’re passing along to us to share are slowly persuading me that perhaps I will buy a pair of engineer boots for myself. Maybe I’ll do that immediately after the holidays or in the January-February sale season.

  2. In response to Bill: Regarding seeing people with boots over pants, all fine and good. BUT, I personally hope we never go back to the “Urban Cowboy” cowboy boots are trendy thing again. That was my intro to bootdom, but I’d rather we not go back to the days of everyone wearing cowboy boots. They are personal way to be a rebel and heck, if everyone else does it, well, I’m not going to stop wearing boots (I’m a “lifer”), but it won’t be as much fun.

  3. And a followup to BHD: I totally agree. A guy can wear what he wants, damn the world. Can a guy wear cowboy boots and never have ridden a horse or if he drives a Yaris instead of a pickup truck? Heck, yes. Will you get some strange look? Sure. But who cares?

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