Admiring Motorcycle Skill and Grace

On September 20, I had the pleasure of observing the Mid-Atlantic Police Motorcycle Skills Competition, which was held in Arlington, Virginia.

I have always admired the skill and grace that the motor officers display as they ride in these competitions. Their abilities to handle their big machines are quite awe-inspiring. Sure, they get a lot of training before they go out on the road, and they have a lot of daily “practice” as they engage in their duties. Way more than me, since I’m not a cop and I don’t ride nearly as often or under the challenging conditions that they do. Their grace, style, and capabilities are inspiring and daunting (at the same time) to watch.

This is why I attend these events. It’s not for fetish or other unstated reasons, as some may think. It is because I admire and deeply respect the skills, abilities, and grace of the officers who participate in these competitions. I support them by helping out when invited, such as for practice or for fundraising activities. Sure, I admit, a cop in a uniform with nice-looking boots attracts my attention. But what captivates me more is watching him (or her) operate the big, heavy motorcycle so skillfully. Honestly. That’s why I’m there… to watch, learn, and yeah… take some pictures to capture the event for others to see who weren’t able to be there. See the gallery of this event that I just posted on my website by clicking here.