The Boot Pile

Since Spouse and I returned home to Maryland on March 25 from our visit to Hawaii, I have been out of the house a total of 21 times, mostly to “forage” for groceries, pick up prescriptions, work six shifts as a medic for my local fire department, and twice, to ride my Harley and go skydiving.

How do I know the number of times between March 25 and May 26 that I have been out of the house?

…Easy — examine this photo:After looking at it, some astute readers will say, “wait! I count only 14 pairs of boots. You said you’ve been out 21 times!”

Yeah, one pair of boots remains in my garage next to my Harley. These are my back-up pair of Chippewa Harness boots that I wore for a ride on 10 May.

My smooth-soled Chippewa Firefighter Boots that I wore when on duty as a medic remain in the garage as well. I pull them on before I leave, and take them off when I get back home off shift. I wipe them thoroughly before I leave the firehouse, as we are required to do. But I keep them separate from the boots in the “boot pile.”

All of the other boots I have worn since the end of March are in a pile in my basement boot room, which is adjacent to my “decon station” — i.e., the basement bathroom.

Every time I go out, I park the truck in the garage, then walk out of the garage and go to the back door of my house. That back door is under a deck and rather private. I strip off my clothes outside and put them in a bag. I enter the house, put the bag by the stairs, and drop the boots in the pile as noted above.

Then I take a hot, soapy shower.

By end of my shower, Spouse has cleaned/wiped the containers of perishable groceries and put them away. He leaves non-perishables in the truck to remove days later as there is no hurry and the virus, if any, on the containers of non-perishable food will be rendered harmless over time.

Spouse brings me a change of clothes and leaves them in the bathroom while I am showering. He takes the bag of clothes I left by the stairs to the laundry and dumps them in the washer. Shirt, pants, socks, underwear… all get washed immediately.

I get dressed in sweats or shorts, with socks (sorry, inside the house — no boots!) and feel “less creepy” by going through this extensive “decon” procedure each time I go out.

This “decon” procedure has become a regular routine and probably will remain what I will do for the foreseeable future.

Upside of this — I wear more of my vast collection of boots!

Note for historical record (as of May 27, 2020)

  • Number of cases in Maryland: 48,423
  • Number of cases in Montgomery County: 10,467
  • Number of cases in my home zip code: 1,154
  • Number of Covid-19 deaths in Maryland: 2,270
  • Number of Covid-19 deaths in Montgomery County: 572
  • Worst of all, as of May 27, the 100,000 U.S. Covid-19 deaths milestone was reached due to ineffective and arrogant mishandling of this entire situation by the CIC*

* CIC: no, not “Commander-In-Chief” but rather “Covidiot-In-Chief.” He is the worst thing that ever happened to the U.S. I have never loathed anyone as much as this fucking self-centered maniacal pathological lying moron.

Life is short: adjust to a new routine.

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  1. I cleaned up my bedroom bootpile today. It took me awhile. One pair of boots made me think of you especially.

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