The Lasts

Ever give notice to leave something — like a job — so far in advance that you go through a grueling set of “lasts?” That is, …

…the last (regularly standing) Meeting A, the last monthly Meeting B, the last in-person briefing for The Boss, the last weekly Meeting C, the last staff meeting (YIPPIE!!!), the last management operations briefing, the last time you have to write silly two-year out “milestones” that inevitably change, the last major call for grant proposals? The last… whatever … you name it … I have been going through so many “lasts” as I approach retirement that my head is spinning.

Also, in lieu of a lame retirement party at the office, I am having one-on-one lunches with selected friends. So instead of one day of a lunch and cake, I’ve gotten 20 free lunches (and no cake; I don’t need extra for the waistline) 🙂

Schedule-wise, I will continue to be physically present in the office right up to the Wednesday before our U.S. Thanksgiving, which this year is late on November 28.

After that, I have so much accumulated leave over that which will be paid out on termination, that I will go on leave until 3 December.

Then I take my last work-related trip and go to this U.S. territory for two-and-one-half-days:

… and from there, fly on to la isla del encanto again for another two-and-one-half days:
…for on-site consultations and inspections. Then I return home, submit a report about what I observed, then go on leave again until I return to the office on 3 January, 2020, to return company-owned equipment, my ID, and then as Fred Flintstone said:

Life is short: enjoy “the lasts.”

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