Active Weekend, Booted

My ol’ body is sore, but smiling after a highly productive weekend that included some fun, too. Fun on two wheels, fun chasing old ladies, fun with the Spouse, and fun in the brilliantly blue sky! More …

Weekend began early well before dawn where I completed “marshaling” my mother-in-laws estate and prepared detailed information that the attorney requested for The Spouse and his sister to review.

Then Spouse rose at dawn, and we got back into bed for a “discussion snuggle.” This is where we discuss all sorts of things, including mundane issues for our plans for the day, as well as ongoing matters like dealing with his mother’s estate, repairs of my truck that aren’t working, and long-term plans like “what’ll I do when I retire?”

Half-hour of that, then it was time to get dressed (Thursday Explorer Boots), prepare a full breakfast, and get the day going. We set off to accomplish our mission of filling the pantries of my lovely LOLITS* (and our own.)

After the thrill of that outing wore off (which was rather quick), the Spouse suggested that since it was so nice out (warm, sunny, and dry) that I go for a ride on my Harley. Changed boots (Chip Firefighters, naturally). It’s never easy to find riding partners at the last minute, so I just checked out the bike, mounted up, and took off on my own.

I used this ride to think about an aunt who just passed away at age 98. I loved her very much, and she & her husband were very sweet to me. She was the last remaining sister of my father’s 21 siblings to die. It is hard now that my own siblings and first cousins (all 154 of us) are the “heads of the family” so-to-speak.

I rode with Yogi Berra in mind. “Come to a fork in the road, and take it.” (LOL)

I really had no idea where I was, or where I was going, but I sure enjoyed it. The corn in the many fields I rode by was as high as an elephant’s eye, and I was singing “What a Beautiful Mornin'” all.ride.long.

With my GPS on the fritz, I figured that as long as I did not leave the state or hit a body of water, I would be okay. I would ride until I came to a fork in the road or a t-intersection, then flip a coin and make a turn. This way or that; didn’t matter.

The skies were brilliantly clear and roads were surprisingly empty. Great way to kick my boots up on the riding pegs, sit back, relax, and just ride. And think. And ride some more, enjoying the scenery of farmland in rural Maryland.

I got home in the mid-afternoon and wasn’t done yet. Spouse had been talking about a need to powerwash the decks and the back of the house where algae was accumulating. Sooooo… on with more water-resistant Chippewa loggers and powerwash-away!

Grilled steaks with fresh corn (that I bought at a roadside stand on my motorcycle ride) for dinner.

Next morning… about the same. Work that morning began at 0800 with more powerwashing, which thankfully I completed early. Then I was off again on the Harley geared in Corcoran jump boots and a jump suit!

I had arranged weeks ago to meet my buddies from my old skydiving team. I rode to the airport and met my friends. We flew to Maryland’s Eastern Shore. I jumped 3 times under brilliantly clear blue skies, including an eight-way freefall formation. Zowee! What fun! Haven’t done that in years!

Home by late afternoon… unpacked, showered, and prepared another nice dinner. Regaled stories with The Spouse. Hit the sack early; man, I was beat. But smiling all the way.

Life is short: pack your life with fun!

* LOLITS: little old ladies in tennis shoes

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