New Year Planning

As 2011 is quickly drawing to a close, I am making plans for 2012. I am not one to make “new year’s resolutions” as so often these are made then go unfulfilled.

My personal plans for 2012 include, in no specific order…

Ensuring that my partner receives the best medical care available, and that his current condition is resolved. Meanwhile, I am readjusting major things in my life to accommodate a larger role in caregiving.

Getting off my duff to put some boots on eBay that I’ll never wear — my Sendra boots come to mind. There may be others. I have an inventory (ha ha… on-line) and I actually do wear most of the boots in my collection. I need to determine which boots I am not wearing and why I am still holding them. No worries, don’t ask — I am not disposing of any of my vintage Frye boots.

Getting on my treadmill and working out regularly. I’ve been pretty good at it since I got it in early December. I just need to keep working at it. I know that I will not use a gym; I strongly dislike that kind of atmosphere and the cheap side of me detests paying for something that I will not get sufficient return of investment. Walking is what works best for me, so I’ll be walking — a lot! — in 2012.

Finally installing that marble tile surround in our master bath shower. That shower has been out of service for eight months since it sprang a leak. I installed a new shower pan (floor), so now I just have to find the time to fix the side walls, grout them, and finish the project. I have the skills, tools, and materials. I just have to make it the priority that it needs to be. (It has not been a priority because I prefer to use our two-man, two-headed shower in the basement… but our main shower really should be repaired. Really….)

Hoping to find the time to explore some back roads of my home state by Harley with some friends. It always seems that my partner has other plans for ongoing home maintenance that take priority.

Keeping our finances on track, and spending only what I have, left over after putting a full 35% of my gross income into investments for retirement and savings. The rule that I learned from my parents: pay yourself first. It leaves less resources for the fun stuff, but I am not under the false belief that somehow the money will show up when I need it later, or that a major expense (such as expensive repairs to my Harley, truck, or home) will not happen.

Doing some rather major renovations on two small houses that I own and rent to community heroes. The current occupants have given notice that they will be leaving in the coming year, so after they leave, I need to redo the kitchens, refinish floors, and paint the whole house. Twice. I hate painting…. but I dislike paying people to do something that my partner and I can do ourselves. (Again, just call me “cheap,” but I prefer the word, “frugal” LOL!)

As far as my website goes, I will be exploring ways to optimize it for use with smartphones. I see that more than a quarter (25%) of the visitors to my website and this blog visit using mobile devices. I sense that my site is not as user-friendly as it could be for mobile device visitors. I have to wake up and smell the coffee and do something about it. It’s a learning curve for me, since I do not have, nor plan to have, a smartphone. (Did I say, “call me cheap?” Honestly, the convenience of those things does not outweigh the expense. I don’t need nor want one.)

I am certain that the new year will bring change and more things to do than I can think about right now. Priorities will change, projects will be added, some will be deleted or modified. That’s how life is … go with the flow.

Life is short: think ahead!