Fundraising, Snuggling, and Twinning

I was delighted to have a very productive Saturday, topped off by calling a successful auction for my VFD’s annual event. Suited and booted in black dressy Lucchese crocodile belly boots, I helped to raise over $26,500 for the fire department’s ongoing needs.

However, as soon as the auction part of the dinner was over, and right before the DJ began playing music for dancing, I bid my farewells. Why? …

… time change to daylight saving time that night meant losing an hour’s sleep, and also, as all readers of this blog know, I hate dancing.

Also, I was unusually sore because I had installed a replacement dishwasher in a house I own (and rent to a firefighter and her husband). Dishwashers are always in the most cramped locations, requiring twisting and bending that my ol’ body doesn’t like (never did!)

When I returned home from the VFD dinner-dance fundraiser, it was unusually late (22:30)! I found The Spouse fast asleep. He claimed he would be waiting up for me, but it was cute to find him all snuggled on the sofa like my cuddly man. I nuzzled with him a little, got him to bed, took more acetaminophen, poured myself into bed as well, and was conked out before my head it the pillow.

With the time change and being out so late on Saturday, when I awoke, I was started to see the clock read 0800! Never! I always awaken naturally at 0400 — maybe with the time change it might be 0500 — but Sunday morning, the sun was fully shining and it was late late late!

The Spouse laughed. He said, “you looked so cute all snuggled there, I let you sleep. But we don’t have to go anywhere today, so just relax!” He got back into bed with me and we enjoyed some more snuggle time whilst watching the squirrels jump from tree to tree in our back yard as they played “catch me if you can.”

After getting up and dressing in the usual jeans and boots, I prepared the usual gluten-free five-flour waffles for The Spouse, we ate breakfast, and just talked. No rush, just a nice long time to talk about anything and everything on our minds. Breaking from the table at 1000 (unheard of), I was figuring out what to do during the rest of the day.

It is unusual for me to have a completely “lazy Sunday.” I found some things to do for my volunteer leadership positions, but soon enough, I was caught up. I was trying to come up with a new idea for this blog, but just couldn’t think of anything, so I let it go for another day.

I then decided to do something else entirely. It was time to visit my favorite biker cousin and get to meet his twin sons born seven weeks ago.

I sent him and email and soon enough, a good time for a visit was selected.

I was thinking about using the Harley for transportation, but my cousin needed to borrow a ladder, and I never have figured out how to attach a ladder to my Harley. There aren’t enough bungee cords to make that work! (LOL). Plus, it is still too friggin’ cold!

I drove to his house and was greeted at the door by my cousin with one of his sons. He asked me, “which one is this?” Aha… trick question! I know they’re not identical twins, so as a fraternal twin myself, I should know which one this child is, right?

It was a 50-50 guess, and I was right! With amazement, my cousin asked, “how did you know that?”

I looked at him and said, “it’s a ‘twin thing,’ you wouldn’t understand.”

He looked at me with a serious stare as if I actually had some special “twin powers.” Then I just smiled, laughed, and said, “lucky guess, but 50-50 odds made it a little easier, eh?”

Cousin laughed and handed me his son. The other child was finishing being fed by his Mom. Soon enough, I got settled on the sofa with one child on one arm and another on the other. They were so cute!

I began telling them what to expect and how to act as twins. Secrets only twins know. I mumbled into each of their ears, and they looked at me as if: 1) they understood; or 2) I’m a crazy old coot!

Probably more of the latter than the former, but it was fun pretending to share information with them that only twins know and watch the expression on my cousin’s face each time he couldn’t tell if I were being serious or not.

This went on for two whole hours. What a special, special time to bond with my newest family members.

Life is short: twins know and twinning is fun!

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