A Retro Image to Shoot For

Whilst taking a trip down memory lane with The Spouse, we were looking at a photo album that I put together of our first of six trips to Australia. That trip was in February-March, 1996. Man, images of us as a couple of leatherdudes at the Sydney Mardi Gras brought back a lot of memories. But what was more interesting and inspiring to me was…

…a random photo that The Spouse took of me whilst we were riding a rented Harley on The Great Ocean Road along the South Coast of Victoria toward Adelaide. Man, was THAT a bucket-list adventure if there were one. I’ll write about that trip in a future blog post.

Anyway, this random photo of me (scroll below) at a much younger age when I had hair and was more fit and trim inspired me. Whilst I cannot regrow my hair and fight male pattern baldness that I try to ignore has been happening to me, I can really work on the weight issue if I really wanted to. And I do. I do.

I have also been inspired recently by my friend WC who has been telling me about his weight loss and how much better he is feeling.

Dealing with weight-gain has been an ongoing battle since my chronic illness prevents me from eating “healthy” foods like vegetables. Honestly, I can’t eat most any vegetables, especially high-fiber leafy greens, without causing serious problems (that will remain unprinted; it’s really awful and stomach-turning.)

I also just don’t like foods like yogurt, soups, grains (like quinoa, I call rabbit food), or food substitutes like tofu or “boca burgers.” Bleccch. I’d rather starve.

Don’t get me near beans, salmon, nuts (especially macadamias), seeds (especially chia), berries (especially strawberries), or any form of legume. All of those things have a proven record of causing me serious reactions that have involved trips to the hospital emergency room (and even bowel surgery!)

Further, I fight a sweet tooth that goes for a Coke instead of almost anything else to drink. My doctor says that I cannot drink zero- or reduced-calorie drinks because I am a kidney donor, and sweetener substitutes are not compatible with a 40% kidney (capacity of my remaining healthy organ. My sister got the 60% one, and is thriving.)

But I really know, and my doctor confirms, that the only thing that works is diet and exercise. No instant fat-loss pill … no “quickie” instant diet, nada.

While at a doctor’s visit with The Spouse for something else the other day, I spoke with the doctor about starting an exercise program. My own blood work was recent, and the doc looked at it and remarked that he was a bit puzzled that the results were so good (low “bad” cholesterol and borderline low blood pressure), considering that I have been eating an “ignorant diet” — meat and potatoes with indulging to my sweet tooth too often.

The doc cleared me to begin exercising cautiously to start and to build up to a routine that I can work into my already-busy schedule. I never, ever, have enjoyed working out and I detest — absolutely run screaming from — gyms. But I do enjoy walking and swimming… so last night, I put five miles on the treadmill and now that the weather is warming up, will begin my walking routine with my walking partner this weekend.

I also renewed my membership at the recreation facilities at my alma mater university where I have free lifetime access. They have really great indoor swimming facilities and exclusively reserve 5am to 7am daily (including weekends) swim lanes in their Olympic-quality pool for “seniors” which they qualify to anyone age 60 or older. Ha… now I have senior status.

Well, I’ve begun… wish me well… my goal is this:As I said, I may not get the hair back, but who knows, I may morph more closely to the Crocodile Dundee image of my youth. LOL.

Life is short: keep workable health goals in mind.

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