I Am Now The Only One

When my friend WC announced that he crossed over to the dark side and got a sillyphone recently, I began asking myself again, “are you still the only person on the planet without one of those things?”

I observed people at airports, at my meetings, and in restaurants last week and am convinced that…

…yes, indeed: I am the only person on Earth who doesn’t have one (or more) of those wallet-sucking devices. And yes, I cherish being a dinosaur.

That’s okay, as a colleague just said to me in an email in reply to his request for my cell number so he could add me to a texting notification system,

I respect your resistance to change. You’re the smart one in
the group.

I’m not so sure if my ongoing resistance to having a sillyphone is smart, but it sure saves me a lot of money.

My boss was saying that he spends about US$200/month on his “friends and family” cell phone plan, not to mention the huge expense of buying the device in the first place.

So let’s say US$500 for the device, + ($200 x 12 months) = $2,400 … total $2,900 for supporting an addictive device … that is a huge amount of money that cell manufacturers and carriers steal from the average consumer each year. No wonder they laugh all the way to the bank as they become more and more filthy rich.

I recognize that I am fortunate: My spouse won’t use those things and will not text; I do not have children who only know texting and do not use email; I can get lost by myself quite well without a nav app on a phone.

When I want to access a computer-supported website, I don’t need some app-shmapp. I can just go to my computer, turn it on, and surf away. I can type on a real keyboard, too, rather than squint and include an automatic signature line on messages that say, “excuse any typos while using a small keyboard on my phone.”

However, it is getting increasingly more difficult to resist. There are some places that one can’t access without one of those things. Oh well, if a restaurant insists on having a menu-app only and will not provide a regular one, then I’ll go somewhere else.

I know, eventually all “somewhere elses” will do the same, but for now, I will exercise my right to vote with my boots leading the way to traditional alternatives.

Life is short: enjoy saving significantly toward blissful retirement in peace.

7 thoughts on “I Am Now The Only One

  1. I appreciate your individuality. 🙂
    You are not the only one without a sillyphone. Several of my colleagues don’t have them. I am finding that I like mine a lot. And with no-contract pay as you go it really doesn’t cost a lot. I’m not pushing you though. Don’t take it that way. Never push a bootman. They kick and their boots hurt if they kick hard.

  2. Just be you. I don’t have one either but I do have OnStar in my truck just for an emergency. I have no need to be calling everyone.

  3. I finally gave in when my old phone died. I bought a smart phone for $79 and pay S45 a month for no contract plan. I must say that I have used the smartphone features more than I thought I would. I guess an old dog can learn new tricks.
    I still am not ready to trade my cowboy boots for sneakers though. LOL

  4. No, BHD, you are not the only one nor the last one to not have a ‘smartphone’. I don’t. But that means that I may be the only person paying attention to the cross-foot traffic in Grand Central Terminal. I believe one day I will witness the greatest triage in human history there. Will it be because of some terrorist? No. Will it happen because of some structural deficiency or maintenance failure? No. Will it be because of rail traffic controller failure? No. Will it be the horrific result of zombie apocalypse? No. It will be because of a massive head-on collision of smart phones and stupid people.

  5. If you do decide to cross over–shoot me a note, I work for a tech company that provides service, and devices for the masses. lol

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