The Life I Live and Love

I have been exceptionally busy this past week at work. It is just that time of year. On top of that, I have been busy in my personal life with driving my spouse to-and-fro to seemingly unending doctor’s appointments and errands, almost nightly meetings in my community for one-thing-or-another, and another funeral to attend today for my senior pal Mary. I barely have had a time to breathe.

Then Saturday (tomorrow), I take off…

…for a week in a location on the U.S. West Coast where I “cut my teeth” and learned my profession from the masters of the craft while actively participating with my professional association.

As I look back at this last week, I think about the live that I live and love…

* Serving as a pall bearer twice (today and this past Sunday). It is an honor to do that — to honor someone you loved. I cherish that my spouse is my rock and consoles me so I can be strong while serving the families of the deceased.

* Clobbering the sides of heads of some dimwits in a meeting on Monday evening. I can’t really say much about what happened because it is now a matter of litigation. Let’s just say “the little guy” won again (temporarily with a short stay-of-execution) in a David-vs-Goliath local zoning battle.

* Dropping in on family on Tuesday for a brief but heartwarming birthday recognition for triplets. Yep, multiples run in the second generation of the family!

* Taking some senior pals to the grocery store on Wednesday night — in advance of my being away starting tomorrow — I looked at my lovely LOLITS scattered around the store and asked myself, “how did I get into this?” … and then I thought, “how could I not?” I love my senior pals.

* Attended a meeting of my motorcycle club last night. I was nominated and elected to serve as a primary officer (position is sort of like “vice president”) for next year. I will strive to do well. I appreciate the vote of confidence by the members with a unanimous selection. Sheesh… who saw that coming? Imagine, a married gay man with such a position.

Anyway, I think often about the life I live. While hectic and busy, I love what I do, who I serve, and

Life is short: show those you love how you love them.