Staycation–Just Shoot Me

Because I served as “acting boss” all summer, I did not use any accrued leave benefits. So I decided to take a week off this week as a “staycation”. That is a made-up word for taking time off while staying at home and using “vacation” time. Thus: “stay” + va-“cation”.

However, this Staycation is not a time when I am out riding the Harley or otherwise…

…playing, resting, or relaxing.

I started the week with a rather short list of home repairs and activities. Six items on the list to be precise.

  • Along with three buddies from the fire department, build an access ramp for a senior pal to make it easier for her to get into and out of her house. Check. (Stain it for water resistance remains to be done, once the wood ages.)
  • Sift ten tons of composted soil and spread it over 200 square meters of lawn to a depth of 4cm. Check.
  • Have the furnace in a rental property replaced. Services arranged on Friday.
  • Have a hot water heater in a rental property replaced. Services arranged on Friday.
  • Get my truck’s struts and shocks replaced. Check.
  • Replace all smoke alarms with interconnected 10-year lithium battery backup alarms. Check.
  • Obtain permit for wounded warrior home remodeling project. Bureaucracy resolved, permit granted. Check.

Then I took some senior pals grocery shopping. When I got back home, the list had magically expanded from one page with six items to three pages with 36 items! Wow! A twelve-fold increase! Here are some examples of the additions:

  • Get generator serviced. Man, that thing is heavy — arranged for younger family to arrange to come get it for me and transport it to the shop for repair.
  • Replace all incandescent lights with LEDs, thus reducing the home power consumption by lighting by 90%. Check.
  • Find a new sink for the basement utility room, and replace it. Spouse unhappy with choices; still looking.
  • Spouse doctor visits #1, #2, #3, and #4
  • There is more … and more … but an example of what I am dealing with this week.

When I looked at the longer list dubbed HDLFH*, I realized that a number of things on the list were indeed necessary and backed-up, delayed, and important things to get done.

In addition, not one, not two, not three, but four doctor’s appointments for The Spouse were added to the list. Since he does not drive, Spouse and I agreed that it would be ideal for me to take him to doctors (including dentist) for routine appointments during the week so I would not have to take leave during my regular work day.

Anyway, here I am in the middle of executing the HDLFH with a smile and a “can-do” attitude. I think I’ll get it all done — final project being a major house remodel for a wounded warrior who I have known his entire life. His father and I are the same age and grew up together. The son served three tours of duty overseas with the U.S. Army, and got seriously injured three days before his last tour was scheduled to end — losing his leg in an IED explosion.

So my situation is sort of my own doing — or “undoing” as the case may be. Take care of our house, a couple rental properties, and the wounded warrior’s home remodeling project in nine days (Last Saturday through upcoming Sunday, inclusive.)

I just wish I had the agility and stamina of my youth.

Life is short: keep on keepin’ on.

* Honey-Do List-From-Hell

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