NoBerry for an i-Nothing

Have you seen the automated signatures on some people’s email, that says, “sent from my Blackberry handheld” or “send via my iPhone”? Oh please, gimme a break.

I once was forced to have a Blackberry in a previous job, and I know that those devices come with software that you can use to delete that canned signature line, so you do not have to tell everyone how important you are because you can send email via a wireless device.

I have modified my email signature to close with, “sent via my NoBerry for an i-nothing.” Seriously, I’m not that important.

I find that those who live where I live in Snoburbia, things like this — having a personal Blackberry or an iPhone, and using that standard signature — is de rigueur. However, most people who are above playing those status games and who are not out to impress others turn that automated signature off or delete it.

I find it amusing that adults play these games. Honestly, life is good out here in the quiet, disconnected Universe. Try it sometime… you’ll like it!

Life is short: have a NoBerry for an i-Nothing, and enjoy saving lots of money instead of paying the monthly ransom that makes rich companies richer.

1 thought on “NoBerry for an i-Nothing

  1. Amen, brother! No cell phone here, no iphone, ipad, inothing! Refuse to give in to the world.

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