Wet Cops

As you read this, I am serving as a judge at a multistate regional police motorcycle riding competition. I served as a judge last year and was asked back to serve as a judge again this year. I enjoy it — I can be right in the midst of the activity watching the skilled riders weave through the course.

Unlike most years when this event is held and we have stunningly beautiful early autumn weather, this year the entire DC Metro area is under the threat of another day of rain. All day yesterday (Friday) … rain, rain, rain. Bleccchhhh. I’m tired of it.

The police motorcycle competition goes on, rain or shine. A cop who I work with told me, “we have ridden in a hurricane before!” Hmmmmm….

Let’s hope the rain holds off, but if not, there will be more than wet cops at this event — I’ll be out there in it, too. 🙂

Life is short: keep dry!

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