Leather Care

As the weather where I live has been cooling, I have been enjoying my leathers again. I wear my gear when I ride my Harley (naturally), but I also wear my gear “just around.” While I go about errands in the neighborhood, grocery shopping, and caring for my legion of seniors who I look after.

Yeah, I have quite a bit of gear that I have acquired over many years. Biker wear includes leather breeches, jeans, chaps, vests, and jackets. Every-day wear includes leather shirts, and jeans. Boots always (I don’t own or care to wear sneakers or shoes of any sort. Blech!)

Most of my gear is hung carefully in a rather large closet in my home office. I also keep some jackets and chaps hung in the garage near my bike. I have a few jackets in the hall closet as well.

As I prepare to renew leather-wearing again for Fall, Winter, and Spring, it’s important to check it over and condition the leathers. I look for any threads that may be loose. Usually there are not any, but for example I found a loose thread on a hem of a pair of favorite lightweight leather pants. My partner is a whiz in the sewing department — he fixed the hem nicely.

I do not go to great lengths with conditioning leathers, but I am careful to ensure the leather is clean and in good shape. I apply Lexol Leather Conditioner on my leathers, using a light lintless cloth and rubbing it on the leather lightly. I don’t apply pressure or rub hard — that could damage the skin. I “buff it up” so-to-speak.

When leather is kept in good repair, clean and conditioned, it will last forever. It will continue to look good, repel water if I get caught in the rain, and keep me warm.

I may bring a couple pairs of pants or breeches and a few shirts to our basement while my partner is watching whatever blather he recorded on his Tivo. I’ll work on my leathers and watch TV with him. In no time, the gear is looking good and ready for another three seasons of regular use.

Yeah, I have a lot of gear and I wear it. I am not one of those gay guys with a trunk full of leather gear worn to the once-a-year event, fashion show or club run. My gear is “out there” and “on me” often.

No, I do not wear leather at my office, but I do wear my protective gear when I ride my Harley to get there. I store it carefully and wear regular clothes with good-looking motorcycle boots around the office all day.

When I get home, I take off the clothes that I wear to work (dress shirt and pants) and don the leather. My partner arrives home from work about an hour after I do, and I greet him as he walks in the door in full leather. He smiles, kisses me hello, and we talk about our respective days.

I may go out after dinner to check on a senior pal or attend a meeting. Whatever leather I have on stays on (but I admit, I do not wear a Muir Cap when I’m out and about; I wear a ballcap). Everyone who knows me has seen me in “full gear” and doesn’t say a thing. Granted, I don’t flaunt full fetishwear when I am in the community — just a pair of leather jeans, a shirt, and a jacket. Boots, of course. No.big.deal.

Honestly, I don’t know what the hang-ups are that some guys have about wearing leather in public, but I have blogged about that a lot, so I’ll suffice it to say that leather is what I wear, and people are interested in what I have to say, not what I wear.

Life is short: keep your leather in good shape, and wear it often!