Why Are Biker Boots So Tall?

Google directed a question to my website that asks, “why are biker boots so tall?”

It is a rather simple answer: for safety. Tall boots that bikers wear come from a long tradition where men want their legs protected from two main hazards — heat from the engine and exhaust pipes, as well as from stuff that comes flying at the legs from the road. It’s amazing how much junk gets kicked up from the front tire, striking the legs at high speed. Gravel and rocks really hurt and can do a lot of damage when they strike the lower leg through thin cloth of denim jeans. (That’s also why many bikers wear chaps or leather — to protect the legs). The lower leg has a rather thin layer of skin over the shin bone. That thin skin is easily damaged and injured when struck by even a small piece of gravel, pebble, or stone that comes flying at you from the front tire.

Plus, in my opinion, tall boots look cool.

So that’s your answer to this question — tall boots provide protection to the fragile skin of the lower leg, and they also look cool on a biker.

Life is short: real bikers wear boots (not sneakers, sandals, or flip-flops).