Finding Time To Relax

My twin brother has always referred to me as “Taz,” short for the Tasmanian Devil made famous in old Looney Tunes cartoons. I tend to be rushing around from here to there in my daily life’s activities with working full-time, volunteering in the community, serving on boards and committees and work groups. This week alone, I had four meetings after work. But on a very pleasant, dry, bug-free and meeting-free Wednesday evening, I took the Spouse into our back yard and …

… sat with him next to the pond that I built for him (us), held his hand, and just enjoyed the evening. Listening to birds chirp, laughing at the squirrels jumping from tree to tree and chasing each other, watching a family of deer with three young fawns, and observing beady eyes of frogs peering at us from under lily pads in the pond… ahhhh, we were at peace in our little part of heaven.

We talked about anything and everything. My spouse is so smart and well-read. I love having conversations with him because I learn so much and we share the same outlook on life and values. While we may go about accomplishing tasks differently where he is sequential and I am a multi-tasker, when it comes down to it, spending time with the Spouse, holding his hand, and relaxing together is the best way to affirm our bonds of love for one another.

At some points during this rare and lovely evening, we did not say a word. We held hands and listened to nature around us. The frogs snatching insects; the birds calling to each other; the squirrels literally laughing as they were playing. Noise from the surrounding hustle/bustle roadways was imperceptible. The babbling of a stream at the end of the property and the splashing of water in the pond was soothing.

I let my troubles of this week’s world melt away. For a few hours, we had peace and contentment, joy and love. Heaven in our own back yard.

Life is short: refresh with relaxation.