Another Booted Week

I am really slammed at work. The boss remains out and I’m doing his job and my own, supervising and herding cats, attending meetings and giving briefings on the Hill, etc., etc. Even an Act of Congress that affects me directly got passed (quite surprisingly). I can’t really say more about why this month has been so busy, but trust me, it has!

And what’s been on my feet?

Boots, of course. Nothing less.

I am finding my Luccchese boots more of a regular choice this week. I can’t quite say why. I get into certain boots for periods of time. Last week, Allen Edmonds boots were more of a regular choice due to really dressy requirements that I had with Capitol Hill visits and the requirement to walk through endless metal detectors. Thankfully, I am done with that.

This week, shirt-and-tie-and-Lucchese Classics work fine. Only one meeting in the evening this week — with my motorcycle club. (No shirt-and-tie for that! Get on the leather!)

I am missing commuting by motorcycle to work, or even to the bike club meeting. But after last year’s motorcycle crash, I have come to the realization that at my age, I do not see that well in the dark and I promised the Spouse that I will not ride my Harley in the dark any more. I still get to work well before dawn, so the commute-by-bike is no longer something I do. The bike club meeting ends after dark, so once again, no riding to it. I miss riding during the week for commuting. My poor Harley looks so lonely in the garage. 🙁

Anyway, I’ve been really busy and am struggling with content to write about. Suffice it to say that for now, I am busy, productive, and booted.

Life is short: wear boots!