Do Men Wear Pants Inside Boots?

More internet searches continue to come up with people entering the question, “do men wear pants inside boots?” or “tuck pants into boots?” or “do guys wear jeans inside boots?”

Okay, I have blogged on this matter ad naseum but this one summarizes it.

I really, really, I mean really wonder, why in the heck do so many people search that one question every day? For the past 30 days, over 200 people have search that question (or related) EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! They have been directed either to this blog or to my website from search results.

I am completely befuddled. Why do so many people ask that question? It’s like an obsession!

To save you the pain of clicking through this blog, I’ll address this issue once more:

1. In the United States, men who wear boots wear them with jeans or slacks or even business suits over their boots. Myself included. I wear boots every day, but only a few times, like when I am wearing breeches, do I choose to wear pants inside my boots. Breeches are made for that purpose — to have tall boots over them.

2. If pants (or breeches or leathers) are tucked into boots, it’s done with tall boots, like a cowboy’s buckaroo boots, or a biker’s tall engineer or harness boots. Civil War re-enactors and Renaissance Fair participants also show their tall boots with the clothes they are wearing, because that is how men wore their boots during the period they are recreating.

3. Most traditional cowboy boots and the majority of “biker boots” are short(er). Most cowboy boots are 12″ – 13″ tall. Many biker boots are 11″ to 12″ tall. One doesn’t have much boot to show, and pants tucked into shorter boots just doesn’t look right. So that’s why most men who wear boots wear them with pants over them, not tucked inside.

4. There are always exceptions — certain uniforms specify pants tucked into boots, like motorcycle police officers and military. Exceptions also extend to equestrian riders, doormen, and a few other professions.

That’s it. Ask the question, “do men wear pants inside boots?” — the answer is, “yes, sometimes… in the right setting with tall boots and the right clothing.”

Now you know.

Life is short: stop obsessing!