Cacophony of Munching

I have always liked the word, “cacophony.” It is so descriptive! The dictionary definition is, “harsh discordance of sound; dissonance.”

My mother-in-law is visiting this week. Sweet old lady, but she has absolutely no table manners at all. And I’m afraid that when my partner spends time with her, his table manners fly out the window. This is what drives me most crazy about my M-I-L: her total lack of table manners. Honestly, I have heard pigs at a trough sound less noisy when eating.

Oh well, another visit in the books. We survived.

Thankfully, as you read this, my partner is taking his Mom back to her home in da ‘burgh. I look forward to a peaceful weekend. I’m afraid, though, when my partner returns on Sunday, I will have to retrain table manners. Oh well, this happens every year. I’m not surprised.

Life is short: eat with utensils and chew with your mouth closed. Please!