Unseasonably Warm: Time for a Ride

Sunday, October 30, the forecast is for temperatures on a sunny day to reach 80F (27C) today. I have tried hard to get all of the weekend chores done to free up today for riding my Harley. However…

…due to horrendous traffic yesterday, I could not get to my niece’s house to do a home fix-it job, so I had to bail on that failed attempt and reschedule for first thing this morning.

And darn, just when my favorite motorcycle-riding cousin emailed me to say that he could ride earlier. Darn. But a family obligation is something I have to take care of, so my niece gets her electrical problem fixed, then I get back home, change, and get to head out for some fun.

Meanwhile, the Spouse remains at home. He is not feeling well. I am caring for him, but mostly he just needs to rest. Nothing much I can do, and we do not see the next doc who maybe can help until first available appointment at the end of November, no sooner.

Life is short: squeeze in fun when you can while juggling obligations and commitments.