Black Jack Boot Comfort Over Time

Blackjackpython09In February 2014, I wrote a post for this blog comparing Black Jack cowboy boots with Lucchese cowboy boots. In that post (at the time), I stated my general endorsement of Black Jack boots over Lucchese boots because in 2014, Lucchese was not allowing discounting from full-price MSRP, and also…

…when my Black Jack boots were relatively new, they were as comfortable as Lucchese boots.

Now, more than two years later, some things have changed.

The Lucchese Boot Company must have heard the complaints from cowboy boot enthusiasts about their pricing policy and they also probably noticed a significant drop in sales. Thus, it did not surprise me that in 2015, Lucchese boots were being offered on sale again through discounting by authorized retailers.

Lucbccroc11blogSome of the discounts were significant. I took advantage of some of those sales and bought more pairs of Lucchese boots in 2015 and 2016 — mostly really cool-looking caiman back and belly-cut dressy boots.

Someone asked me recently that if I thought Black Jack boots were a better value, why then do I have only two pairs of Black Jack boots and so many pairs of Luccheses?

Good question. It boils down to a fairly significant change that I felt in my Black Jack boots. Over time, the footbeds of my Black Jack boots hardened, which is natural. However, the hardening seemed to make the boots much more uncomfortable — like walking on concrete. And interestingly, I had not noticed that same discomfort in my Lucchese boots — even those that are a decade old or older.

So lesson learned: over time, an opinion of boot comfort may change as boot footbeds and human feet age.

I love how Black Jack boots are designed and I still think they are very well-made. You get good value from Black Jack boots. But because of hardening of the footbeds, should I order another pair of Black Jack boots, I will order them at least a half-size larger so I can accommodate a replaceable gel insole. Unfortunately, I can’t fit an insole into my existing Black Jack boots, so that’s why I wear them for short periods of time and not all day in the office.

Life is short: remember that opinions on comfort and pricing of boots is dynamic.