Leather on Easter?

Someone sent me an email asking, “can you wear leather on Easter Sunday?”

Well, you can. Question is, do you want to?

I do. Happy Easter! (for those who celebrate this holiday). Today I’ve got a lot to do, and I’ll do it in leather (or in a pair of dressy leather pants, anyway.)

I will begin the day by taking several of my senior pals to an Easter Sunday sunrise service at oh-dark-30. The weather is promising to be cool and dry — perfect for an outdoor service. I plan to wear a light blue regular dress shirt, my dark blue leather tie, and a my dress leather pants over a pair of dress instep Dehner boots. I do not have a leather blazer that fits, so I probably will wear a light leather jacket if I wear any jacket at all. But not a suit jacket or sport coat (blech…).

Some among you may be aghast: No.big.deal. It’s what I wear. The leather pants are dressy, and look nice — as nice as (or better than) a pair of dress slacks. They look good with the boots, too … or the other way around: the boots look good with them. Not with leather tucked into them. There are times when it is not quite appropriate to wear leather tucked into tall boots, like at Mass.

After the early morning service, I’ll return home. I have to drive my truck to the service, as I am giving a ride to four other lovely ladies. After I drive back home, I will yank off the tie. No ties where I go next! I will take off the dress shirt, too, and put on a blue denim shirt and wear a thicker leather motorcycle jacket, hop on my Harley, then go pick up a senior pal who is celebrating her 85th birthday and take her to a celebratory brunch. After that, I will ride over to a sister’s house. She and her husband are having an Easter Egg Hunt for the grandchildren — some of my Great Nieces and Great Nephews. I will enjoy playing with the kiddos and having (another) Easter Brunch with the fam.

But the day isn’t over. After that, I’m heading over to a brother’s house to do the same thing with his and his wife’s grandkids — all 18 of them. Then we will enjoy lunch.

Where’s the partner, you ask? He’s up in da ‘burgh (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA), visiting his mother for Easter. He wouldn’t join me anyway with my family festivities. Kids and noise and joshing and loudness bother him quite a bit.

After a long lunch with this part of my family, I plan to drop by a niece’s house. She and her family just moved into a new home, and they are having a cookout as an informal housewarming.

So yeah, I’ll be in leather and boots for the day. Perhaps riding the Harley gives an “excuse,” but even if the weather were cold and lousy and I had to drive my “cage” all day, I would still have my dress leather pants on.

I don’t know quite what it is about guys having conniption fits about wearing leather pants or jeans. I think a lot of guys would *like* to do it, but have hang-ups about being thought of as “gay” or a “rock star” or a “punk.” Oh cripes, not the case. These guys need to think about what makes them believe this stuff. Who told them that or what did they read that influences them to abhor wearing leather pants? If they are dressy, then my opinion is: wear leather pants and enjoy. ‘nuf said. (I sure have said enough about that on this blog!)

Happy Easter! To answer that email: Yes you CAN wear leather on Easter, and it’s okay to do so. It is not a fashion faux pas to do so. At least not in my world.

Life is short: be the man you are, and comfortable in your own skin (and the skin of cows!)