And The Winner Is

Since I visited Washington DC on March 23 and took photos as a brilliant red dawn occurred, I had posted one photo per day on social media. This one picture, not previously posted here, was shared and “liked” by hundreds. The winner is…

Jeffdawn05Above, this is the Jefferson Memorial, built to honor the author of the Declaration of Independence of the American colonies to realize the foundation of what became the United States of America.

There truly is something dramatic at that precise moment when dawn’s early light makes the clouds appear in all colors of the rainbow.

I probably took about 60 pictures during the five minutes when the colors were appearing. This one seemed to be the best.

As promised, posted a gallery of the best of the photos that I took that day. This small gallery also features photos of the iconic Washington Monument, built to honor our nation’s first President and a General in the Revolutionary War. That gallery is here (this is a link).

DC’s iconic memorials and cherry trees are indeed a treasure.

Life is short: admire what’s close by.

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