Go Ride, Orders the Spouse

After the funeral on Saturday, I got busy at home preparing income tax returns for seniors. This is something I do voluntarily each year. Sunday morning during our usual morning snuggle before rising, my spouse asked me, “what are the plans for the day?”

I mumbled something about preparing more tax returns. I have 20 done and about 20 more to go.

He said, “look, it is supposed to be warm and sunny today. Instead of pouring yourself into volunteer work again, …

…go for a “clear your head ride” considering all you’ve been through.”

This time of year, it does not warm up to forecast high until well into the afternoon. So to begin anew my favorite and only exercise, I called my senior pal walking partner and walked 10 miles with her. I love doing that. She is so bright and vivacious; one cannot feel anything but the same in her presence. (Well, except momentary exhaustion. Man, that woman can speed-walk!)

After returning home and showering, the spouse was saying, “we need some things at the store.” Didn’t take long for me to corral three more senior pals and off we went. It did not feel the same with the hole in my heart with my friend Mary’s absence, but we got through it.

Then, as soon as we got back home, I checked my email to see if any of my buddies responded to my invitation to go riding together. Those who did respond had various excuses as to why not.

I decided, “what the heck,” I would go riding again by myself. I changed into leather breeches, tall dress instep Dehner boots, leather shirt, and pulled on my Langlitz Crescent jacket. I checked my trusty Harley and it was fine.

I motored out of the garage and into the countryside. I had a nice ride of about three hours. Where? Who knows. Just the backroads and byways of my home state and county. DehnerLanglitzblog1DehnerLanglitzblog2Life is short: ride to clear your head.