Arrived and Busy!

I arrived safely at my destination with three flights, the last one being in a very small plane landing at a very small airstrip on the southern far western coast of an island called La Isla del Encanto — the enchanted island, the most populated U.S. island in the Atlantic.  Figure out where I am?

And man, is it ever enchanted here.  I love the people and the energy they bring to life.  The primary language is Spanish, spoken with great gusto and rapidity.  While I understand the language, it takes me a couple days to jump back in by re-tuning my ear. 

Despite a snowfall that greeted me yesterday morning (brought on by the witch doctor conjuring of a biker buddy who lives in New Hampshire), it was not too bad.  I left an hour earlier than I usually would to drive to the airport.  I am glad that I did, as traffic was light but very slow.  I made all of my airline connections, and lots of “local friendlies” helped me every step of the way.  That included picking me up at the final destination airport because everyone in the world knows that I get lost so easily.  Woo-hoo, I do not have to drive!

Today as you read this post, my firefighter boots will be planted on sands of beaches where some exercises (not physical, but tactical) are taking place and that I am officially observing.

I brought my camera, but forgot the cord to connect it to the computer, so my posts from this location will be sin fotografías.

I was taken to dinner by some colleagues at a casual restaurant.  They even accommodated my crazy “earlybird” lifestyle by eating very early — at 6pm.  Their usual dinnertime is about 9pm.  While I remembered to say, “sin tomates y cebollas” (without tomatoes and onions), I forgot how to say “sin ketchup.”  I thought catsup/ketchup was some other word in Spanish.  I forgot to tell them to leave it off. Unfortunately, I cannot eat that, either, without setting off my chronic illness.  Oh well, I scraped off as much of it as I could.  That was the worst of the experience … and if that is the worst, than it really has not been a bad trip at all.  🙂

I love my job.  I love what I do.  I am a happy man in boots — but I have to tell ‘ya, no leather.  It is 85°F (29°C) and humid — too warm for leather.  But not for the warm smiles greeting me everywhere.

Life is short: love the energy in all parts of your country, and the people and the places and what brings you to these places!

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