50 Pairs of Work Boots

Chipbaylogger12Not much time to blog at the moment… As you read this, I am working with and supervising 50 guys in work boots…

…(and women, too) who are helping me with a project to rehab a house for a wounded warrior who lost both legs and an arm, and now is released from the hospital after 19 months to live with his three daughters and wife back in their own house.

That house was originally built in 1947, and is in need both of a remodeling to bring its functionality into the current century, as well as its internal accessibility.

Chipbaylogger10The man we are helping cannot physically get into his bathroom and kitchen, or even in and out the front door without a lot of assistance.

With significant financial assistance from some local foundations and donors, as well as a lot of volunteer help from pros (carpenters, plumbers, electricians), friends, neighbors, family, and my fellow firefighter and cop buddies, we are remodeling this guy’s house today. In one day.

We obtained and staged materials, tools, and equipment all weekend. Yesterday, we moved the family’s furniture into a “pod” (storage container) that we arranged to be placed in front of the house. We also have another “pod” where we are storing wood, drywall, nails, screws, wire, outlets, switches, and everything else we need for this project.

Today my work boots of choice are:

Chippewa loggers ’cause it’s damn cold! They are comfy and will keep my feet warm and protected from the inevitable things that can fall on it — like last time, a jackhammer. Sheesh!

Life is short: enjoy organizing a Day of Service for a local family in need.