Warm Boots for a Road Trip

This weekend, my spouse and I will have yet another up-and-back quick-turn trip to Pittsburgh. This time, we intend to…

…pick up my mother-in-law and bring her back to our home for Christmas.

This may or may not be easy. She has some old-age health issues that may require very frequent stops, hopefully before she has “an accident” in our new SUV. 🙁

No worries, we have plenty of adult diapers….

But we just can’t leave her alone for the holidays, and my spouse would go nuts if he had to stay alone with her, since I can’t stay since I have to work a few days next week. (No time off for the weary just yet.)

Chipblacklogger04The weather is now quite cold, at least for a few days. I am wearing my warm leather jeans, layers of shirts and leather jacket, and Chippewa loggers to keep the tootsies warm.

It will be interesting to see if the new SUV decides for itself that it needs to turn on seat and steering wheel warmers. This vehicle has a mind of its own, and scares me sometimes. (giggle.)

Life is short: do what your heart directs for family.