Soggy But Okay

Just a quick note to say that the Nor’Easter that dropped tons of rain has passed by, and the hurricane…

…that appeared to be threatening on Wednesday went to the East, so we’re fine. Soggy, but fine.

I took my spouse once again to Pittsburgh this weekend, leaving him there for a week to care for his mother, while I returned on Sunday morning early.

Why return so quickly?

I have to work. Also, I am a morning person, so leaving there at 0500 and getting home by 0930 is preferred. Gives me some time to eat, shower, and get ready to go into the office at noon.

How will I be dressed for a weekend of duty?

Jeans, firefighter boots, and a logoshirt from my agency.

Busy times… but we are okay.

Wish my spouse peace during his week with his mother.

Life is short: do what you have to do.

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