Being Observed

Hey there… BHD with an update, writing from beautiful “downtown” hospital room. (This reference is a throw-back to my age when its originator was used starting in 1968.)

Upsides up my insides revealed that…

I’m gonna live!

Well, I was not planning on the alternative, but for a while there, I was willing to do anything to deal with the pain.

Turns out that severe pain itself caused my ol’ body to shut down how it processes food.

I will not describe much more… but it was really painful, heavy, ugly, smelly, and just damn incredibly yucky.

Tests at the hospital using the most whiz-bang modern nifty-keen equipment confirmed no significant damage to my internal organs that they can see; however, out of utmost caution, they are keeping me overnight.

And being a holiday weekend, they sure aren’t busy. So they offered to roll in an extra bed into my room for my spouse to stay with me overnight — no charge! What a deal!

As you can tell from this post, I sure am feeling better. I still have more recovery to do, but I have faith that all will “come out well in the end.” All of it. Whew (or “phew!”)

Life is short: remember this lesson — when you’re older than your mid-50s, don’t grab dead-weight little old ladies and have that action cause a ligament tear in your back.

2 thoughts on “Being Observed

  1. Your description of your injury has me cringing, BHD. I’m not skittish about facing pain but a torn ligament is awful. Here’s to you having a rapid and full recovery. My best thoughts go to you and your hubby that you both get through this and come out stronger, healthier.
    The other side of this “situation” is that with your hubby sharing your hospital room and you two being in a real hospital, it does make it soooooo much easier for you two to role play as ‘doctor’ and ‘patient’. Just be careful that you don’t injure anything else that would be embarrassingly hard to explain to a real doctor….

  2. Thanks, Bill, for your comments and the humor. With the nurses coming in every hour to wake me up to see if I’m sleeping, as well as with all the monitoring equipment to which I was hooked up, no “hubby horseplay” was quite possible. But we did joke about it as we drifted off for catnaps between the hourly awakenings.

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