These are just some rambling remarks that add up to today’s bloggetory…

* Sunny, bright, warm days yet not being able to ride my Harley yet makes for a frustrated biker, itchin’ to get out! Livin’ with Mother Hubbard who holds me back is such a delight… (smile). He does love me.

* I am getting better each day after breaking my leg. The swelling of my right ankle continues, but is noticeably less. The ankle and foot flexes more, especially when I go swimming, and doesn’t hurt. Yea! I AM recovering!

* Swimming is helping not only with the ankle/leg recovery, but also with my weight. I have lost six pounds since the day the cast came off. These are “real” pounds, and not just “water weight” ounces. I’ll keep this exercise regimen going, and add brisk walking to it. I know I need the exercise. Walking and swimming both help me feel better. (I’ve never be the gym rat, so at least I have found some exercises that work for me and that I enjoy.)

* I mowed the lawn! Well, half of it anyway. It is amazing how something as simple as lawn-mowing can make someone happy! But it impressed upon me that I really am getting better. Soon enough, I’ll be able to tackle those hills (our side yards).

* I am sick and tired of wearing combat boots! Okay, they provide excellent support of my right leg and ankle, and because they lace up, the right boot can accommodate a little swelling and yet still close. I just don’t think that combat boots are good to wear all day (at work) and as I go about resuming my life. But … well … they ARE boots, and that’s what I wear!

* I still remember Rick, my riding buddy and community collaborator, who was killed by a cell-phone yapping SUV-driving yuppie seven years ago today. I truly regret that my state’s legislature remains spineless and will not pass a bill that restricts the use of hand-held wireless devices while operating a three-ton killing machine.

* Senior Safety Saturday is comin’ up fast! Woo-hoo! We’ve got a lot to tackle but we’re all ready for it! Can’t wait! Heck, I just might get myself out from behind the registration table and drill a hole or two to install a grab-bar, install a light or three… we’ll see.

* first of four county budget battle meetings have begun this week. Tonight will be my first “foray” back into my community role since I broke my leg. I am not testifying tonight … just observing … and gaining fodder for future conversations. But again, despite the tedious and tense nature of the content of the meeting, the fact is that I can go!

* I am enjoying the “little things” — accomplishments that were taken for granted before my leg broke. For example, I drove myself to pick up my aunt to bring her to our house for Easter dinner. I actually prepared Easter dinner myself, with no help! I went out to our forest and picked a bunch of flowers to decorate the table. I brought some more to a neighbor who is not feeling well. I was able to go fetch the newspaper from the drive. All these “little” things add up, and add much to my psyche-of-renewal.

Life is short: enjoy all of it, even the little things!