Painfully Annoyed

So the doc says the ankle fibula bone in my leg break is clean, but severe. The swelling remains pretty bad, and the pain is awful. I don’t have much of a tolerance for pain, but I am more annoyed with my sudden lack of mobility than anything else.

My partner, bless his caring soul, has been doing so much to help me. Thank goodness we have an open floor plan, and I can rest comfortably in our family room with the computer and just rest. So yes, I am resting! It had to be something like this to get me up and off my feet and stop running around all the time.

My best friend, AZ, suggested that I put a note on the door — “I’m home, but pardon me for not answering. Come on in!” More food has arrived than we will ever be able to eat, but no complaints there. The outpouring of concern — both here at home from my senior pals and my family — and on the Internet with my Boot buds and blogger pals — has been incredible, and very much appreciated.

Meanwhile, the pain drugs are working, at least to allow me to have a good night’s sleep last night. Foot up on four pillows, turned sideways in the bed. Quite a sight!

My partner went to work today, but M will be here at 7, E at 10, F at 12, P at 2, and L from 4 ’til bedtime. They won’t let me be alone, and I have no worries about a need for a thing.

The pain drug makes me groggy and emotionally weak. I get tears in my eyes at the slightest things. Calls, email messages, visits… all so sweet and warmly appreciated. But they make me cry sometimes. A good cry; nonetheless, it confuses my partner when he sees me with tears rolling down my cheeks, because he doesn’t know if I am in pain or just being emotional.

If I don’t reply to a message you have sent right away, know that it was received and I thank you for it, from the bottom of my heart. Soon enough, I’ll be back in form, up-to-speed, and booted once again. But for now, rest… rest… rest.

Life is short: pay it forward and it comes back with love.