No Time for a Holiday

Yesterday was Easter Sunday. It also was a sunny, warm day. My spouse remains sick, so we could not do anything together. I really miss having his help, especially with physical labor and painting. Of all the trades, I like painting least of all. But my spouse can barely get between the bedroom and the chair where he sits most of the day in our family room, so there was no way that he could help me with some painting that had to be done.

I also do not follow any organized religion, so there was no reason to go to a church. Working full time during the week leaves me very little time on weekends to get things done. So yesterday was not a holiday — it was a full-on work day.

I pulled on my work boots and…

…worked all weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. I only rode my motorcycle when commuting between locations where I had to go to run errands and did not need to haul building supplies or LOLITS (giggle.)

During the weekend, I accomplished these things:

1. Began each morning with a 5-mile long walk with my favorite walking pal. I need the exercise, and love walking at dawn.

2. “Turned over” a rental property that I own. The tenants had moved out on Friday. I went to the house, cleaned it, made a few repairs, and painted the living room and bedrooms. I will interview three prospective renters this coming week and select one to move in by May 1.

3. Took seven sr. pals to grocery stores, and shopped for our needs at home as well.

4. Went to the local building supplies big box store and acquired supplies to built an access ramp and rails for a wounded warrior to make it easier for him to get into his house over two front entry steps. (BTW, yuppies wearing flip-flops should be banned from building supplies stores for their own safety. Readers of this blog know that I have long believed that the only place for flip-flops is the trash can. Blecccch!)

5. Got my boots muddy and found tadpoles! Now we will have frogs again in the pond that I built in the back yard. I cleaned up the pond, refreshed the pump filters, and introduced the tadpoles to their new home. They seem to like it!

6. Scraped off the top layer of dead grass or weeds from about 100 square feet of our front lawn and filled the holes with sod. Instant lawn again. Glad to have those dead brown patches gone.

7. Prepared fresh four-flour gluten-free waffles for breakfast, fresh potato gnocchi for lunch, and a prime rib and all the trimmings for dinner on Sunday. My spouse loves what I cook for him.

That’s enough… but with all the chores on my list, there was no way I could take the day off for a holiday. My family doesn’t do much for Easter anyway, so I can visit them on another day when there are fewer Spring chores to do.

Back at the office today — time to relax! (Ha!)

Life is short: get it all done!