We Survived

Yep, we got dumped on with snow last night, as did many other places in the southern and eastern United States. I knew this storrm was coming more than a week ago. I used that “inside information” to check my personal preparedness, as well as my senior legion. Glad I did. I discovered that…

My snowblower was not working. I thought I had removed the fuel from it last time I used it, but I forgot. It was gunked up and required service to fix it. I brought it to the shop and they fixed it just in time.

While I could use a regular old shovel, I realize that I’m older now, and need to be careful. This snow was wet and heavy, and is known by firefighters (and friends in the north) as “heart-attack snow.” So using a tool like a snowblower was the best way to deal with it.

Oh boy, we will get another two to three inches (5 – 8cm) of snow later today from what’s called the “wrap-around.”

My office was closed today, but I am working anyway, safe and warm at home.

When I took a break from work, my spouse took some photos… Snow02132014bSnow02132014dWhat boots did I wear? Chippewa loggers. Very comfortable, water-proof, durable boots. Perfect for snow.

Life is short: wear the right boots for the right application.

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