Booted ka-boom

I know I’ve blogged before about wearing boots with good tread when walking in slippery conditions. I didn’t follow my own advice. Yesterday, as I was leaving Minneapolis, still in my suit and while wearing good looking, but leather-soled cowboy boots, I slipped and fell. Ka-boom, right on my side.

While the air temperatures were above freezing, there still was some black ice on the parking lot in the shadow of the hotel. The black ice caught me. Uggh. My hand and side of my leg is bruised, but fortunately nothing worse happened.

I just have to remember that despite perceptions of things being “just wet,” that black ice can surprise anyone. I think even if I had decent soles with treads on my boots, I would have fallen. Ice doesn’t give footing for any type of boot sole. I guess the moral of the story is always to watch where one walks. Note to self: watch your step. Note to all: “life is short; wear your boots!”