Going Quiet – in Memoriam

When I get bad news, I mean really, really bad news, I “go quiet.” I want to sit, to think, and prepare my resolve for what lies ahead.

I’m in that frame of mind right now. Someone I knew well (pictured above in happier times, seated in my Harley for a photo op), just died today. I worked hard for him, cared a lot about him, and extended my caring to his family and larger loyal legion. This gentleman is a man whose political campaign I worked on to be elected to our County Council during a special election that had to be held after his wife, my mentor and dear friend, died — eerily, one year ago today.

I am exploring my feelings through my faith. If you send me an email and I don’t reply, don’t take it personally. I just need some space, some time, and some cuddle time with my partner. He knows how to show that he cares, just to sit with me by my side, hold my hand, and love me. Let me cry, let me scream, let me express myself. And just listen. My partner is the world’s #1 listener. What a treasure he is to me.

I kindly ask my loyal blog readers to be patient as I work through what will be difficult days ahead with emotions, and build my strength to help my friend’s family during their time of need. This whole situation is so very sad, and I’m heartbroken. But I’ll be back; I’ll just be less on-line for a while.

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