Hangin’ Out In Full Leather

I had a great Sunday. My partner and I woke slowly, snuggled warmly together. We probably cuddled and talked for an hour before I got up, dressed in full leather, and went out to get the Sunday paper. Then I prepared a great Cialda brunch (waffles), with all the trimmings. I love to prepare a big Sunday brunch when I can. (Of course, “brunch” for us is about 9am, but that’s really late — for us!)

And yeah, there I am in full leather. Why not? After all, it is “leather weekend” in DC, and I just enjoy wearing it. (And no, that’s not my hair falling in my eyes; it’s a bad angle of the camera, catching something on the wall behind me. My partner isn’t much of a photographer, but he tries.)

After brunch, I went to the grocery store to buy some stuff we needed for today’s culinary creations, and also to get some things for some elderly friends. I wore my Chippewa Hi-Shine boots, side-laced leather jeans, leather shirt, and my Taylor’s leather cop jacket. No one — none of my elderly friends, no one at the store, not one of the six neighbors and fellow community activists I spoke with — no one nowhere — said a thing about all the leather. They just asked me questions, talked about various community issues, the weather, and so on. No one cares about me being in leather.

My favorite grocery store staffer asked me if the boots were new, and if I were riding my Harley (not — still too cold!) I saw a guy coming into the store as I was leaving, and we both said about the same time, “nice boots!” I also gave him a very hearty smile as I said that, and he returned the same. But he had two kids in tow, so I don’t think we were going to stop to chat about boots.

When I got home, my partner and I spent a quiet afternoon making pasta. Once again, we made cheese ravioli. It’s easy to do, but takes some time. With nothing else on my plate since my civic duties get a week’s break due to the Presidential inauguration, we got busy preparing one of our favorite meals. And it tasted great, too! Yum-ee!

All-in-all, it was a great day on Sunday.