Hibernation: Not

This blog has been rather silent only for the reason that I continue to have ongoing writer’s block for what goes on this site. But I am not in hibernation, despite it being winter where I live in Maryland, USA.

Since I returned from my winter escape to Puerto Rico, I have been …

… enjoying being retired where every day is a Saturday. Or one would think.

I am enjoying a steady routine.

My day begins before dawn. I still wake around 0430. Every single day. That is my biorhythm. Early to rise, early to bed has always been what I do.

After tending to email and scanning the news, right before dawn, I go outside and sit by the garden where I scattered half of my late husband’s ashes to meditate. I am self-taught; no apps or classes. It works for me by listening to a repetitive sound, usually a woodpecker or when it is warmer, water trickling in the steam at the far end of my property.

Meditation brings me peace, calm, and centers me. I am prepared for whatever the day shall bring on.

Two mornings each week, I still take two lovely little old ladies grocery shopping. They are loathe to order groceries on-line for delivery. Let’s say they like to “squeeze the fruit” as well as ask for my help to get products they want but can’t reach on high shelves.

Those days are my usual “off days” where I have nothing else scheduled. I work on my website as an ongoing hobby, participate as a leader for two national-level organizations and three local organizations in which I remain involved (usually via email and video meetings), and do some housecleaning, laundry, and home organizing. One thing of many that I miss about my husband not being here is that he did the laundry and half of the housecleaning. I hate those chores, but they have to be done.

Two or three days each week, I volunteer my services as a vaccinator and first aid helper at a non-profit community clinic that serves a large Spanish-speaking community. I also volunteer with my local fire department as a paramedic on an “as-needed” basis. I am “the oldest in the fleet,” but like a Timex Watch, I keep on ticking.

I continue engagement with my undergraduate alma mater, and show up on campus regularly to do different things, from attend lectures, watch sports events as a guest of campus leadership, or meet with campus officials about my ongoing philanthropic ideas and scholarships I have endowed. I also go swimming at the campus’ huge “natatorium” (Olympic-sized indoor pool) once each week. Students learning to be physical trainers coach me. I need all the help I can get.

As Yogi Berra might have said, “the other nine or ten days each week” find me busy doing … well … lots of things. I can not remember. I keep busy but am not overloaded or overwhelmed. When I reach a fork in the road, I take it.

I haven’t gone on a date since mid-January. My intimate friend is also pretty much in hibernation, too. He can’t wait for Spring–the same as me. I am itchin’ to get out on my Harley and just ride.

I have three major trips planned this year, so my “off time” has involved a LOT of trip planning and arranging. This year (so far):

* Puerto Rico, April 9 – 21. One week in the west where I feel at home, and one week in the Capital for meetings and a speaking engagement.

* Honolulu, Hawaii, April 29 – May 6. I am leading a three-day meeting for a national-level group, as well as taking some time in advance of the meeting to adjust to jet lag. Hang out with friends, rest & relax on a beach somewhere.

* Western Canada, July 1 – July 12. I am taking a photo adventure tour. Begins in Vancouver, goes via train to the Rockies, transfers to a bus and goes through Lake Louise & Banff, then ends up in Calgary where I’ll attend to watch the Calgary Stampede and its hot cowboys!

I likely will return to Puerto Rico for the winter again, but have not made plans this far out.

Anyway, this is my boring little life update for now.

Life is short: live life by the bucketfull!

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