August Update

My goodness, I just realized that it has been almost a full month since I updated this blog. I admit, when my husband was sick last year and died in January, I lost interest in writing about boots, leather, or motorcycle riding. Please be assured, losing interest does not mean I am depressed. Let’s just say, I have refocused my purpose of life.

Here at home…

…I have completed two of four major projects. Or, let me say, others completed these projects for me.

Custom glass shower surround completes the project!

The master bathroom was gutted and remodeled.

A new spacious all-Trex deck replaced the old, rotted cedar deck that my husband and I built in 1999. I hired skilled pros to do this work.

A third project has just begun — removing the old tired front walk and steps, and replacing them with cultured stone. New landscaping will complete the deal. This work has just begun and should be completed in a week or two.

A fourth (and final for this year) project is for me to build a “three-season room” under the new deck. The new deck is 3.3 meters high, at the level of our kitchen. The “underdeck” is outside a walkout from our basement.

Rain capture system will keep area under the deck dry. This area will be closed-in to make a 3-season room.

I had a system to collect and divert rain from the deck installed, so the area under the deck will always be dry. I am closing in the “underdeck” area at 4.8m to 5.4m rectangular (26sm). I will install operable windows and a door and have bug screens with it, so in warmer weather, I can open the windows and let the air flow. In cooler weather, I can shut the windows and enjoy the view without being too cold.

My husband always wanted today’s version of a “screened-in porch,” so that is what I am building.

When asked “how is it going?”… my answer is, “it’s a process.” I work on it about three to four hours on days when I am not on duty.

Duty? What duty?

As mentioned before, I renewed my full paramedic license. Since January, I have been serving as a volunteer vaccinator in my community twice each week for as long as 14 hours each day. (LONG DAYS!) Since July, I have been volunteering at a non-profit Health Clinic that serves our Spanish-speaking community. I am filling in for nurses who are taking well-deserved time off.

I have not had much time to ride my Harley, but I do from time to time to prepare for “Crazy-Awesome Adventure II.”

What’s that? My friend “S” with whom I rode on “C-A-A” #1 in 2017 (photos/videos here) have been planning a two-week motorcycle adventure in September through Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. We will fly to Las Vegas, rent Harleys there, and ride for 13 days. I am really looking forward to this trip, and especially with my good friend, “S”.

I keep my days busy with volunteer work, building my “three-season room,” keeping the house (somewhat) clean, and some other volunteer work as well. I remain a volunteer leader with a committee from my professional association, co-chair and serve on an appointed scientific Advisory Panel, and three boards of directors for various community organizations with which I remain involved.

Trust me, with this level of activity, there is not room for being depressed. I am slowly figuring out my new life.

I am taking self-care seriously. I meditate at my husband’s memorial garden every morning at dawn. I eat well and cook a hot evening meal every day. I take walks for exercise with some friends. I participate in a weekly support group meeting for bereaved spouses. I am sleeping well without the need of sleep aids or alcohol. (Heck, I stopped drinking alcohol more than 20 years ago, and won’t start now.)

I am not going out socially… except perhaps to see siblings or other family from time to time, or hanging out at the fire house after weekly meetings or on the occasional shift that I pick up for friends (about once a month). I have no interest in a social life, at least for now. Maybe that will change in the future. I am not closing any doors or saying “never.”

Some long-term readers of this blog may remember that I have a birthday this month, but to me, I’d rather skip it. Without my husband, I have nothing to celebrate. The date I was born is just another day on the calendar. (Same will be true for Christmas and New Years.)

Enjoy your August.

Life is short: keep moving one boot step at a time.

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  1. BHD, it’s good to hear from you and find out you’re keeping busy with desired and/or necessary projects in and around your home. I hope you know there are a lot of your readers who are keeping you in their thoughts, prayers and send their best wishes your way. May you always keep the rubber side down.


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