Geeking While Booted III

My boots took me on three airline flights yesterday, hop-skipping-and-jumping across the United States to end up in the 49th state of our nation. Will be kinda busy here doing “sciency” things, learning a lot, and hopefully assisting others to learn from me, so…

…I probably won’t be able to blog much.

I will only have time to work, no time during this trip for fun. The photo below shows an image of a site I visited when I arrived early, but is not where I am working this week. I have a friend who works here and gave this science geek a very interesting tour.
My days will be jam-packed. I will be in the mid-central part of this vast state throughout my journey this week. I am excited about it. It has been a lot of prep work getting here.

Life is short: enjoy your job, wherever you do it!