It’s Spring, Right?

A very unwelcome last-gasp of winter visited us on the first day of astronomical Spring here in these parts: a major winter storm. From the hyperventilating of the TV weather weasels remarking about a “record-breaking event!” (pant, pant, pant), even the B-I-C* couldn’t exceed their excitement during his usual early morning twitter shitstorm he’s known for.

Spouse and I took it…

…all in stride. Despite dire predictions of 8 to 12 inches (20 – 30cm) of accumulating snow, at the ol’ BHD Homestead, we got maybe about 5 inches (13cm), or probably less because it was melting rapidly when it hit the ground. The only reason that it accumulated was that the snow fell at a rapid rate for several hours.

But living the old Boy Scout motto, we were prepared. I had gas and oil for the snow blower, gas for the generator, and we had plenty of food. My senior pals were all set, too. So I began singing,

Though the weather outside is frightful
inside it’s so delightful
since we have no place to go
let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

… so much so that The Spouse gave me one of those “looks” so I tempered my enthusiasm.

Funniest thing I saw on TV when I looked for information about closures was:

Schools and Children are Closed!

Wow, I didn’t know they could close children! Wow, this is bad, isn’t it? LOL.

My office was closed, but I still have plenty of work to do, so I teleworked and didn’t miss a beat.

I took a mid-morning break, fired up the snowblower, and removed the snow that had accumulated on the drive and sidewalks (of my house and an elderly neighbor’s.) This was wet, heavy snow, so working on it incrementally is safer. This type of snow is labeled “heart attack snow” for a reason. If it really did accumulate as much as forecast and we didn’t work on removing it incrementally, it would be very heavy, hard work that my ol’ body is not accustomed to. So we worked on it slowly and incrementally for our own health & safety.

By afternoon, there was no more than about another half-inch (1.5cm) more accumulation at best, so that was an easy swipe with a snow shovel and the higher sun angle did the rest.

We even tried to take our pet polar bears for a slide in their saucer on our hill, but the snow was so wet, it didn’t cooperate. They were disappointed. BTW, what boots? Chippewa loggers, of course. Great waterproof, warm boots for this kind of weather.

While shoveling the little bit of remaining snow, I felt a “bonk” on my back. I had been hit by a snowball!

Spouse smiled but denied having thrown it. Ha! This wet, packable snow is perfect for snowballs. I quickly made one and threw it at him just as he turned around to face me. Wham! He got hit right on his chest!

Soon enough, we were both involved in our own private snowball battle. We both laughed until we cried, fondly remembering some fun of our childhood. Because the snow was so wet, we both got rather wet, so we shook ourselves off and went inside before we got any wetter or colder. We continued to laugh for hours.

And just think — this past Sunday, I was out riding my Harley!

Oh well, we survived. Even the B-I-C didn’t remark about what was ultimately an event of topical discussion for a day, but nothing more.

Life is short: embrace the weather and enjoy!

*B-I-C: Bloviator-in-Chief. Go look up the word “bloviate.” It fits perfectly for the greatest embarrassment to occupy the position he does.

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  1. I read in USA Today that 4 inches of snow fell in Washington DC on Wednesday. They said that it was your biggest snowfall so late in the season since 1964.

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