Preparing Others

As you read this message, we are less than a day away from a hit by a tropical system. We are prepared at home, and throughout the day today, my brother and I are visiting my senior pals and helping them bring things indoors that may become wind-blown debris, pick up refills of prescription meds that they may need, make sure they have flashlights, a battery-powered radio, and extra batteries, and help them fill voids (empty spaces) in their refrigerators and freezers. Doing that helps keep foods fresher and colder longer if the power goes out.

We are helping our elderly and disabled friends and neighbors prepare and do things that they cannot do for themselves. It will be a busy day!

Thank goodness we do not have to go to a grocery or building supplies store. Those places are crazy-busy, being overwhelmed by who I call “the woefully unprepared who just woke up and are overreacting.” Happens every time, with every event. Everywhere.

I am now entrusting blogger to “go on automatic” and post a new blog post every day until I get back. I’m not going anywhere, but we probably will lose power and internet connectivity. Though we have a generator, it only operates essentials and the internet isn’t “essential.” We’ll survive. I’ll update you on how we fared after the storm passes and when our power and internet service are working again.

Wish us well.

Life is short: be safe.

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