Dehner Boots 3 Years Later

I have mentioned before that I have a “love-hate” relationship with Dehner Patrol Boots.  I love how they look, fit, and feel, but I dislike that the shafts on stock patrol boots are made with plastic stuff that the Dehner Company calls “Dehcord.”

While it is possible to custom-order Dehner boots with leather shafts and feet, the cost is prohibitive. Seriously, few guys have over $800 to fork over for a custom pair of Dehner boots, despite how seriously beautiful they are.

Since Dehner makes stock boots with a 1″ wider calf circumference as a standard option, I have found that their stock boots fit me fine, and I don’t need (or want to pay) for custom boots. I have only ordered custom boots from other manufacturers when I have had a sizing issue.

Three years ago, I ordered and received this pair of stock bal-laced Dehner Patrol Boots. It was my objective to see how they would wear if I wore them fairly often and yet was careful with them. I never exposed these boots to heat, including the hot exhaust or engine of my motorcycle. But I have worn them — a lot. I wear them to work, I wear them while riding my Harley, and I wear them just around the neighborhood.

Every now-and-then, I spray the shafts with good quality furniture polish and buff them. Amazing how they shine up again. Also, about two or three times each year, I give the leather on these boots (feet and backstay) a good wax polish and buffing. I hate to polish boots, but in this case, I make an exception. They really do look good when they shine, though I don’t go all crazy about shining them like some other guys do.

So here they are after three years of cautious care but regular wear:

BTW, the dimpling on the back of the heels is caused by my bootjack — where it squeezes the back of the boot when I pull it off. The dimpling seems more pronounced in the photo than “in real life.”

Oh, and before you ask, how “regular” is “regular” in how often I wear these boots? I’d say I wear them to work 3 – 4 times each month; I wear them when riding the Harley when I ride to work and also 3 – 4 times each month just tooling around the ‘hood; and I wear them about 3 – 4 times each month otherwise. I’d say about 60 – 80 hours/month.

Life is short: enjoy your boots!