Cognac Boots and Blue Jeans

Cognac is a name of an alcoholic beverage, and also a name of a color for cowboy boots, derived from the color of the beverage.

There’s something striking about the color contrast with blue jeans and a pair of cognac cowboy boots … be they just plain leather, like these Lucchese Classic goatskin boots, or a pair of ostrich cowboy boots, which are a staple in a cowboy’s dress boots collection.

I really like how this color combination goes together … just the jeans, over the boots.  I think straight-leg jeans look best with these boots, so you can see more of the boot on each foot.

I dunno, I think any kind of cowboy boots look good with a pair of Wranglers, my preferred bluejeans.  But I think cognac-colored cowboy boots look best.

Life is short:  wear boots!