Lucchese Crazy

Lately I’ve just gone off the deep end… such is the life of a Bootman.  I bought a pair of Lucchese Classic boots in September in dark grey, that I really like.  They are sturdy, well-constructed, and exceptionally comfortable boots.  They’re for dress occasions, such as for wearing to work.  These boots hold a prominent place in my bedroom boot closet, and I look forward to wearing them to work.

The company from which I bought them, Grapevinehill, sells boots via Amazon for very good prices — much lower than from the manufacturer direct or from other on-line sources.

I liked those dark grey Lucchese Classics so much, I bought not one, but two more pairs in brown and light brown.  I dunno, call me crazy, but … these boots arrived last week and they are just as great as the grey ones.

What I like best about them is how rugged they are.  The leather is firm.  They don’t flop around when you take them, off, as the cheaper, low-end Lucchese “1883” boots do.  They make a classic sound when you walk in them.  And I’ve noticed that others notice.

So for fall, I’ve gone with autumn colors for some new classic cowboy boots.  They’ll all look good with dress clothes for work, or with jeans, which is my customary attire when I’m kickin’ around the neighborhood (provided I’m not on my Harley or in full leather.)  These boots are great, but their smooth leather soles aren’t suitable for the traction I require when I ride my bike.  They also don’t quite match my leather (LOL!)  But I am an all-around, equal-opportunity Bootman, so I wear different boots for the different things that I do.  And because I change boots two, three, or four times each day, these boots will get plenty of use when rotated through the collection.

Life is short:  wear boots!