Mobile-Friendly-izing the Website

Even though I do not have or want a wallet-sucking so-called “smart” phone, I realize nowadays that more than 90% of my website’s visitors come from mobile devices.

Mobile devices these days have all sorts of screen sizes and formats. They also use different kinds of browsers than what my traditional desktop computer uses. These devices’ browsers are pretty good at adapting web content to view it, except…

…my old version of drop-down menus on my main pages that I installed five years ago.

In 2010, I installed code for drop-down menu navigation to make it easier to get around my website. Along with breadcrumbs (showing links across the top of a page so a viewer can see where he came from), drop-down navigation helps users find what they’re looking for more quickly.

The “old” drop-down menu navigation software was installed back when the majority of viewers were still using traditional desktop or laptop computers. Unfortunately, that “old” drop-down menu software was not working very well on some of today’s mobile devices’ web browsers.

I had a friend who has two different tablets and three smartphones (don’t ask me why he has all these devices) show me how differently my website appeared on all five mobile devices. The pages appeared fine on all of them, but the drop-down menus were a mess.

Over the past week, I updated the drop-down menu software to a newer version that is much more “mobile-friendly.” See it here:Website02212015My friend says that the website’s new drop-down menu system is working well for him on all of his devices. How about yours? Check it out.

Life is short: try to keep up-to-date, even if you are a luddite like me.