Loggers at the Office

Yesterday, it was bitterly cold in these parts. New record low temperatures were reached at local airports. -15C… sounds colder than 5F. Nonetheless, whatever scale you use, it was damn cold!

The worst problem I have with cold — other than not being able to ride my Harley — is that my feet get cold. Even with boots and thick socks, I don’t like cold feet. (Ask my spouse!)

I have a fairly new and good-looking pair of Chippewa insulated “super loggers”. So I decided on casual dress-down Friday to…

…wear a pair of clean denim jeans, a denim shirt, a thick wool sweater, and myChipbaylogger12Chippewa Bay Apache Loggers!

Man, these boots are really comfortable. They kept my feet warm when I was briefly outdoors, which was the main reason why I wore them. I was delighted during the day how comfortable my feet were. My office is well-heated, and my feet never got hot. Just like when I wore their dark brown brothers when it was 9000F and 1000% humid (or so it felt) when I built the waterfall, pond, and patio in our back yard, these boots just don’t get hot. I love ’em!

So I won’t be getting this pair of loggers all dirty and muddy. I’ll keep ’em clean to wear to work during the winter.

Several guys in the office noticed the boots and asked me about them. I explained what kind of boots they were. The other guys all said how they thought their shoes or sneakers weren’t warm enough. I told them to wear boots! Of course, I always say that and they always kinda smile and roll their eyes with a “there he goes again” sigh.

Life is short: wear the right boots for the right reason!