Post-Christmas Ride

My spouse had a long list of chores to do on the day after Christmas. Fortunately, we got the chores done rather quickly.

My brother and his wife wanted visit some of our family, my mother-in-law had that hungry look in her eye. So I tossed my brother the keys to my truck and said, “it’s yours for the rest of the day.”

I got busy feeding the bottomless pit … I mean my mother-in-law. But after lunch, the sun was brilliant and it was unusually warm for this time of year. My spouse graciously suggested,

“it’s so nice out, why don’t you go for a ride?”

He didn’t have to ask me twice.

Quick as a flash, I pulled on my leather breeches and Chippewa Hi-Shine boots. I pulled the Harley into an open area of the garage and did a full inspection. All was fine, including the tire pressure.

On came the Langlitz jacket, warm gloves, and helmet. I paused for a moment while my spouse took this photo, then I took off.Roadking81I met several other bikers on the road. We smiled and waved, knowing inside just what these “bonus riding days” mean to us.

Life is short: ride early and ride often (in boots and leather, of course!)