When the Lord Closes a Door

Maria said in The Sound of Music, “When the Lord closes a door, He opens a window somewhere.”

I have always liked this expression, and lately, it has applied to me. Yep, one door of my life is closing, and I am searching for that open window. The funding for my job runs out in June. It’s not personal, nor reflective on my work. It’s a catch-up of the awful, prolonged, economy.

Come June, I will no longer be commuting into the city on a regular basis. That is, unless that window opens soon and I get an offer that I can’t refuse and the location for a new job is back in the city.

I would prefer to work out in the Maryland ‘burbs where I live, but I can work in DC with no problem. Working in Virginia, though, would be hard to do, since I did that for eight years and almost lost what was left of my mind due to the awful commute. Plus, I do not have up-to-date shots to ward off their rabidly homophobic AG.

I am unwilling to move from my home. I worked hard building our house, and building my community with all of my life-long relationships, and I’m not about to leave them. My partner is well-settled where he is, and I would never make an independent move just for a job that didn’t involve him being right there with me. (Which is why I am not working in San Francisco or in Australia. I have had several offers there over the years, but as I said, I am unwilling to relocate.)

I am fortunate in many respects. First, I wasn’t fired and it’s not a black mark on my resume. It’s simply a function of the economy, and zillions of people have been caught up in that situation. Second, my partner, close family and friends understand and say many things that continue to bolster my spirits and keep me looking forward. Third, I have a significant cash reserve of funds saved, that even if I had not another penny of income, I can live as I enjoy for at least 22 months entirely on my own barring unforeseen financial burdens. My partner and I share joint expenses for our household, and I will continue to hold up my share of our costs. Good thing is that we both choose not to eat out, we make our own lunches, we aren’t traveling on exotic vacations, or otherwise, spending money that we don’t have.

It’s time to move on, move up, and get re-energized. When the Lord closes a door, He opens a window somewhere….

Life is short: keep looking forward.

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2 thoughts on “When the Lord Closes a Door

  1. I've been in your situation a couple of times. Right sized, down sized. The last time it happened, three years ago I decided I wasn't going to every put myself in that position again and I started my business. It has had its ups and downs but there is nothing like having some control over your destiny. I don't make near the money I used to but I love going to work. My commute is 80 feet .. out to my garage studio.

  2. Thanks, Shane. I am making an assumption that your wife is employed and can get health insurance from her employer that can be extended to cover you, too?

    Because I am in a same-sex relationship and also because of the arcane and unfair laws in place, I don't have that option. Who says that civil marriage (with all rights and protections thereto pertaining) isn't a civil right?

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