A Special Birthday Wish

SunsetwalkCome this Saturday, my twin brother will be celebrating his birthday. This is my special wish for him…

… while I miss you very much, you are always close to me in my heart. I hear your laugh, I feel your thoughts, I see your smile. You are, without a doubt, the bestest friend I have ever, ever had.

I know some other twins who are not able to say that the other half of their Mom’s egg that split is as close. I regret that … and I see it among some others we both know.

Not in our case.

You knew the real me before I knew me. You figured out that I was gay, and loved me just the same. You would throw me a football and watch me miss it, drop it, or fumble and fall. Instead of laughing AT me, you taught me how to laugh at myself.

You were the only high school football and baseball jock who would allow another guy to be your number one cheerleader. Instead of hugging the (female) captain of the cheerleading squad after you scored the winning touchdown, you hugged me first. I’ll never forget that.

You picked me up when I was down, you lifted my spirits and encouraged me to be the man I have become. You carried our father’s profession to new heights of responsibility and accomplishment. I remain impressed and awe-inspired by your good grace, intelligence, humor, and work ethic.

You were my Best Man when I married, as I was yours. You have come to be by my side when I truly needed loving and caring support when my husband was so terribly ill. You would knock me upside the head when I needed that, too. You always know just what to do, intuitively, to show me how you love me.

So there you are today, out there in whatever-land, working to bring direct relief and comfort to war-torn people. You take great risk, but demonstrate your inner and greater calling. I so admire you for living your dream.

You have a lovely and thoughtful wife. You support and care for me and my husband. You extend your love to our large and extended family. I cannot describe how much your caring heart touches my own through your actions.

We both are truly lucky to have the parents that we had, and our siblings who love us, sometimes despite ourselves.

I am doubly lucky and blessed. I have you as my life-long friend and soulmate, and I have my spouse as my married partner and soulmate, too. How fortunate can a man be? You… my spouse… my faith… I need nothing else.

Overall, we have each other. One egg, then two, then two infants, boys… now men. Different men. How fortunate I am to have you to look up to … but most of all, to love.

Happy birthday, little bro’. I look forward to seeing you sometime… sometime… too long for sometime… but whenever sometime comes, I will …

…show you how much I love you. Why?

Because… after all… life is short.

2 thoughts on “A Special Birthday Wish

  1. What a loving tribute to the two of you from the closest of sources —you, yourself. Happy Birthday wishes to someone who has proved time and again that there is substance to the person behind the blog. Happy Birthday to both of you. Ken (ARken)

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