No Apologies to Nitwitz

On the night of the last full moon, I received three messages from my YouTube account advising me that someone had posted comments on my videos. I will allow comments on my YouTube videos but I must review and approve them first.

It was unusual, but in this case, all three messages were rude, obnoxious, and mean-spirited. Seldom do I get one message like that in a month, but this time, I got three in a night. Must have been the full moon… I cannot fathom any other reason.

Most of the comments that I receive are positive or ask some interesting questions. It is unfortunate, though, but there are some times when I have received some nasty, rude, and ugly comments. Four types of people send them: 1) homophobes; 2) ultra-straights who are afraid that their manhood is challenged by a gay guy’s video; 3) jealous gay queens; and 4) people with nothing better to do than try to tear others down.

In the case of attempted message-leaving by negative noodles, I simply remove the message and block the person from accessing my YouTube account. I believe they can still watch my videos, but they are blocked from trying to leave messages again.

These types of behaviors do not bother me, as such actions are a known risk I take when being active on the Internet. All I do is remove the comments and block the user, then silently close my eyes and say a prayer for their troubled souls to have some peace. I really feel sorry for characters like that.

I once tried to communicate with a nitwit like that a couple years ago to ask, “why?” but as you can imagine, no exchange with numbskulls results in anything but frustration. Learning from that experience, I don’t try to engage — I just delete and move on. Much like Roland has had to do from time to time, as he’s mentioned on his blog.

This doesn’t happen very often, but regretfully, it does and it’s a part of life in the Internet world. I have no apologies for nitwitz. Just prayers for their troubled souls.

Life is short: pray for those who need it.

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One thought on “No Apologies to Nitwitz

  1. You're right, I have been having these kind of crank comments on YouTube. Just like you, I delete the comments and block the user. Alas, lately I've even been getting crank e-mails everytime I post on HotBoots telling me to "go away" and "stop posting" like that's going to intimidate me. I've been treating this perpetrator's e-mails as spam, and immediately deleting them without opening them. I know quite a few people on HotBoots like me, and I'm not letting this guy get rid of me that easily.

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